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Старый 19.06.2021, 16:20   #1 (permalink)
Очки: 62, Уровень: 1 Очки: 62, Уровень: 1 Очки: 62, Уровень: 1
Активность: 99% Активность: 99% Активность: 99%
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Within the time I attempted on the black-and-white striped shirt along with the black-and-crimson lightstick, I realized I had discovered the best blackpink goods to go with my upcoming arena tour I purchased the black-and-white-themed t-shirt and lightstick and now I am preoccupied decorating my room around the two beautiful factors I can even be sure to purchase some black pink merchandise for my Female mates whenever they occur to visit me! I'll Make sure you bring along blackpink candy and a few blacklight posters to play In the darkened household
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